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Saturn Surplus is now closed!! We would like to thank you for your patronage over the past 24 years!!!!

To show our appreciation to our loyal customers, we are offering some of our merchandise at or below wholesale prices!

Buy 1 to use, Buy 10 to list on eBay, Buy all and start your own business!!! Same low price!

Simply click the WHOLESALE button on the left of the screen to check out our latest offers!

Our other items will remain at their current low prices!

If you need some parts we will be happy to help you. However, we will not have "regular days or hours" so if you would like to

leave a message or send an email or fax we will try to help.

Our contact info is:

Phone: (717) 692-9500

Fax: (717) 692-2170


Again, Thank you for your business!! It has been a pleasure to speak with you and serve you over the years!!!!!

We have established many, many good friends over the years and will truely miss you!!!!

In the USA!