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Aircraft & Ground Power Unit (G.P.U.) Accessories!

Here are just some of the items now in stock at Saturn Surplus for G.P.U.'s and Experimental Aircraft! Click on the Item Photo to View Details!

Photo Description Part Number N.S.N. Price Location
New! Point Sets - 4 ea. G244-744846 $26.50/4 S11-1
New! 2 Cyl. Slick Magneto. 13227E9890 2910-01-259-5962 $125.00 MV2
New! 4 Cyl. Slick Magneto. 13228e2015 2920-01-258-6519 $148.50 MV2
New! Inclinometer. 9360963 6610-01-203-8098 $12.50 ILS
Ball Connector. $6.50 G00
Linkage - Support. $12.50 G00
Factory NEW Teledyne 4Cyl Surplus Engines! 4A032 2805-01-276-5946 $749.95 Bldg.2
Factory NEW 2cyl 10 HP GenSet Motor! 2A042 2805-00-872-5971 $650.00 Bldg.5
New! 4 cyl. 20HP Engines! 4A084 2805-01-276-5947 $1,850.00 Bldg.5

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