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Well, it's now 2022! and as we have been telling you we are in the "process" of closing. That "process" will be concluded in the next few months. I will assure you within the calender year 2022 Saturn Surplus and will no longer exist. There have been a number of health issues and as a result Mark has decided it WILL end withn the next few months. We have been holding on in hopes someone would come forward and take the massive Military Standard Engine / Generator parts inventory in its entirety and continue to offer parts to our tens of thousands or customers so they may have an outlet to keep thier engines running for many years to come. We know and understand when this inventory is gone there will no longer be parts available as we are not only the largest source but virtually the only source for Military Standard Engine parts. Unfortunately, that has not happened. If you would be interested in purchasing our massive inventory please contact Mark directly at (717) 649-6196 to discuss that possibilty. If you feel you can not handle the entire inventory we would be happy to discuss smaller lots of 5,000 or 10,000 carburators or perhaps 20,000 piston kits.

We would strongly suggest, if you have one or more of these engines that you stockpile some parts. If no one comes forward they will be gone and your generator set, lawn mower, go cart, log splitter, elevator, experitmental air plane just to name a few will be without reapir / replacement parts within the next few months. We will using the prices as listed on our website. We do not offer shipping price quotes for anything less than a pallet or tri-wall. Smaller orders are shipped via the least expensive of USPS or UPS. Both of which are based on weight, dimensions, and destination. You will be charged the actual cost which is unknown until the order is pulled, packaged, weighed, measured and is entered into our shipping program with your name and address. As a result, we do NOT quote small package shipping. We do not have the time to do all of that work to quote shipping costs to then be told to elimate items or cancel the order and put everything back.

It will become increasingly difficult to contact us as we will be in full swing emptying buildings, trailers, and storeage containers. If you are unable to contact us by phone please send an email or fax. Our contact information is located below.

Our contact info is:

Phone: (717) 692-9500

Fax: (717) 692-2170


Again, Thank you for your business!! It has been a pleasure to speak with you and serve you over the years!!!!!

We have established many, many good friends over the years and will truely miss you!!!!

In the USA!