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Misc. Information at Saturn Surplus

January 2012.

Well, it's been three years since we have had the opportuinity to update this page and most of the website as well. First allow me to appologize. I know it is very frustrating to place a call or an order only to find out what is listed on the site is no longer in stock. I appologize and will try to correct this problem in the new year. Not to make any excuses, but, Saturn Surplus is comprised of 9 warehouses and approx. 73 tractor trailers of inventory. We have 2 websites, 2 eBay accounts, as well as have most of our inventory included on a listing service utilized by our Military and other Governmental agencies. All this is managed and maintained by Mark, the owner of Saturn Surplus, as well as 1 full time and 1 part-time employee. Our first priority is to get orders shipped as quickly as possible an other tasks such as website updating is secondary. We believe, if you place an order it's because you need or want the parts and do not want to wait a week or so to have them shipped. So, please understand.

Additionally, it's been three years since we have increased our pricing on any large scale. As I am sure you all know, the cost of electricity, heating, fuel, and everything else has been skyrocketing. Though it is still the policy of Saturn Surplus to provide quality parts at a fair price and shipping orders promplty. We have no other alternative than to raise our prices to continue in business. I think you will find we remain fair and competetive with our pricing.

That being said, we thank you for your past support and look forward to receiving you continued support.

October 2008.

Just wanted to give everyone some advanced notice of some upcoming changes planned for the begining of the New Year. I realize it sounds like way into the future, however, believe it or not, Jan. 1 is less than 70 days away!!

We are going to have a minimum order of $25.00. Due to the fact we use actual UPS charges and do not charge a shipping or handling fee, we found with smaller orders it actually costs us more for the box, tape, and packing peanuts than the item we are shipping.

Additionally, we will regretfully be increasing prices. As all of you are well aware, the cost of shipping to receive our inventory, as well as the electricity, heat and other operating costs have risen and we are no longer able to absorb the increases without "passing them along". To give one quick example: packing peanuts are a petroleum product and the price per bag has nearly doubled not to mention the vendor started to charge a fuel surcharge to the cost of delivery fee.

Though the majority of sales are to the government; this company was founded on selling to the collectors and we wish to continue with the philosophy of providing quality parts at a fair price and shipping orders promptly.

We do not want to create fear of drastic increases. However, we did want to provide everyone with advance notice that some increases will be coming.

Dec. 2007.

We started this page as "Newsletter" of sorts. We would like to use this get information out to our customers and thought this was best way.

We would like to wish every one Happy Holidays and a Very Prosporus New Year! It seems as though this year just got started and it's over already! Maybe we are just getting older.

We cannot emphasize enough just how much we appreciate your business. As long as you keep calling/faxing/emailing/etc we plan on being here. We hope to continue fast processing your orders. We do not like to wait on parts so we do not want you to have to wait either and will try to continue to ship same day when possible. If you have any suggestions as to how we can make things faster - better - or easier for you just drop us an email or give us a call. We welcome your suggestions and will do our best.

So, Thank you for your continued support and looking forward to serving you in the year to come. Happy Holidays from all of us at Saturn Surplus to all of you!

Sept. 2007.

In an attempt to better serve you, we are restructuring our hours. Since it's begining, Saturn Surplus has been a family owned and operated business with the assistance of one employee. We would like to keep it that way. Bigger is not always better! We have found that we are unable to process orders Mon - Fri and maintain the website as well as perform other functions such as inventory control etc. Therefore, we will be processing orders Mon - Wed, 9:00am to 5:00pm Eastern time. This will give us an opportunity to better maintain the Website, maintain inventory, and take inventory in our other warehouses. We will be accepting on-line orders, faxed orders, emails, and voice messages. However, we may be in other warehouses and unable to answer phones or get orders processed. So, to be fair to eveyone, we will not make any guarentees of service on Thursday or Friday.


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